There are many things a bride and groom worry about when getting married, but with Picture Partnership the photographer is definitely not one of them!

With many years experience of working in press photography, our style of wedding photography originates from our ability to marry a strong editorial background with a natural, unobtrusive approach to capturing the magic moments of your special day.

At Picture Partnership we firmly believe that in order to achieve the highest quality of photographs, the couple must be comfortable and at ease with the photographer on their big day. A pre-wedding meeting is therefore mutually beneficial and gives the couple an opportunity to discuss in detail their plans and their expectations of the photographer.

We also offer a pre-wedding portrait session on location or in the studio. Both these sessions enable us to ensure that your wedding day runs smoothly and that a stunning wedding portfolio is created which encapsulates your cherished wedding memories forever.

For more information please call us at Picture Partnership to discuss your photographic requirements with our friendly and helpful staff.